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St.Adolphe Minor Hockey Association

Amended: Apr 20/2006

Amended: May 31/2011

Amended: May 2/2013

Amended: May 1/2014

Article 1 NAME

1.1 The name of this body shall be “St.Adolphe Minor Hockey Association.”

1.2 For the purposes of this constitution, St.Adolphe Minor Hockey Association shall hereinafter be called SAMHA


2.1 The objective of the SAMHA shall be:

a) to promote all categories of minor hockey in the Town of St.Adolphe.

b) to teach players good sportsmanship, to play fairly, to take defeat graciously, to give credit to the team that wins, to abide by the referee’s decision and to love the game above all prizes.


3.1 SAMHA will be affiliated with Hockey Manitoba and Eastman Minor Hockey.


4.1 The membership of the SAMHA shall be composed of the following:

a) standing officers and directors of the SAMHA

b) all coaches, managers and trainers

c) parents and/or guardians of registered players

d) any person as approved by the executive

4.2 Membership in the SAMHA may be revoked or suspended as outlined below for any action or behaviour not conducive to good sportsmanship or the implementation of the objectives, or for the non-payment of dues, or for other just causes:

a) indefinitely by a two-thirds majority at the annual meeting

b) for a period of time not extending beyond the next annual meeting by a majority vote of the executive

c) immediately by the president, such suspension to be reviewed within (5) five days by the executive

Article 5 OFFICERS

5.1 The officers of the SAMHA shall consist of the President, Past-President, Vice-President #1, Vice-President #2, Female Coordinator, Secretary, Treasurer, Ice Convenor, Registrar and Referee-in-Chief.

5.2 Volunteer category is a non-voting position whose needs are identified by the SAMHA Executive such as Equipment Manager, Tournament Coordinator, Merchandising Coordinator, Community Calendar and Community Club Liaison.


6.1 The duties of the officers shall be to appoint committees, to conduct the business of the SAMHA, to fill any executive position that may become vacant.


– to call and preside over all meetings

– to ensure that all committees are active and functioning

Past President:

– all duties as assigned by the President

Vice-President #1:

– include but are not limited to, in the absence of the President, assume his/her role/duties at associated hockey meetings. To any duties agreed to by the SAMHA Executive and assigned by the President.

Vice-President #2:

– include but are not limited to, in the absence of the President and Vice-President #1, assume his/her role/duties at associated hockey meetings. To any duties agreed to by the SAMHA Executive and assigned by the President and/or Vice-President #1.

Female Coordinator:

– include but are not limited to, being up to date with all rules and matters pertaining to Female Hockey

– attend all meetings regarding Female Hockey

– act as a liaison for all SAMHA Female teams, all Female Hockey issues come to the attention of this position before being forwarded to the SAMHA Executive Board

– work directly with the Eastman Female Hockey Coordinator


– to keep an accurate record of all proceedings of the SAMHA

– keep record and up to date copies of SAMHA Constitution and By-Laws

– submit SAMHA Constitution to Hockey Manitoba, whenever changes are made


– shall keep an accurate record of all monies received and disbursed and present an annual statement at the annual meeting

– shall pay all accounts by cheques signed by himself or herself and one other person authorized by the Executive to countersign

Equipment Manager:

– shall purchase new equipment as required

– shall be responsible for control of all equipment

Ice Convenor/Scheduler:

– shall allocate ice time to minor hockey

– assign practice ice for all minor hockey teams

– shall provide the league with ice times for all league games


– shall compile a registry of all players under the jurisdiction of the SAMHA including birth certificates

Tournament Organizer:

– coordinate and oversee all tournaments sanctioned by the SAMHA and Hockey Manitoba

Article 7 COACHES

7.1 a) head coach must be accepted by the Executive

b) all coaches and assistants must be certified

c) head coach shall select his/her own assistants and managers

d) there must be a coach, manager or other adult in the dressing room at all

times when occupied by a SAMHA team

e) all non-parent coaches shall receive the following remuneration :

– St.Adolphe Track Jacket

– Hotel costs while travelling with the team.

Article 8 FEES

8.1 The annual registration fee will be determined by the SAMHA Executive prior to the upcoming registration period. Fees will be based on cost associated with running the SAMHA. Fees must be paid at the time of registration. Post dated cheques accepted are payable in (3) three instalments; Oct 1, Nov 1, and Dec 1 of the current playing season. Any payment not received by these dates will result in immediate suspension of playing privileges, until payment is received.


9.1 There shall be no individual fundraising projects without the prior approval of the Executive.


10.1 All tournaments must be approved by the Executive and provide a statement of receipts and disbursements.

Article 11 RULES

11.1 The SAMHA will follow rules as approved by their governing bodies.


12.1 Any player registering with the SAMHA must be a resident of the Town of St.Adolphe and immediate district. Other players must receive approval by the Executive on a yearly basis.

12.2 Registration for SAMHA will be accepted only when proof of payment (receipts) for any/all associated St.Adolphe Community Club fees have been presented to the Treasurer. Once the Treasurer has verified these receipts, and the SAMHA registration fee has been paid, the Registrar can then accept registration.

12.3 Any outstanding monies owed to SAMHA must be paid prior to accepting current SAMHA registration.

12.4 Team colors shall be Black & Gold.

12.5 No team shall use sweaters other than those approved by the SAMHA for games.

Article 13 MEETINGS

13.1 a) the annual meeting shall be held no later than April 30th of any year beginning 2001

b) the first general meeting of each new season shall be held at such time and place as the Executive may determine

c) the President shall call a meeting at any time deemed necessary in order to continue the smooth operation of the SAMHA

d) a quorum at an Executive meeting shall consist of a majority of the officers

e) members present in person shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business at an annual or general meeting excepting that in the absence of a quorum a lesser number shall have the right to adjourn the meeting to a fixed date thereafter at which meeting any members present in person shall constitute a quorum

Article 14 ELECTIONS

14.1 a) to qualify for election the party must be a SAMHA member

b) nominations shall be called for from the floor

c) voting shall be by ballot or raise of hands by members present at the meeting and a simple majority shall decide the election

Article 15 VOTING

15.1 All voting shall be decided by a show of hands and a simple majority shall rule, unless a vote by ballot is demanded by majority of members present at the meeting.


16.1 The order of business at the annual meeting and the general meeting shall be as follows:

1. Minutes of last meeting

2. President’s remarks

3. Treasurer’s report

4. Unfinished business

5. Committee Reports

6. New business

7. Election of officers (annual meeting)

8. Adjournment



(Amended April 20, 2006)

(Amended May 31, 2011)

1. Formation of each team

In a situation where there are too many players to roster a single team from the Novice level and up, the Executive will organize an evaluation camp to determine the placement of players.

Based on the Roster Size Policy of Eastman Minor Hockey, the following guidelines will be used by the Executive when making the evaluation determination – Novice, Atom & Peewee (10-15 players); Bantam (12-17 players); Midget (15-19 players).

In the event of a numbers problem, the Executive board will communicate with the families concerned to explain the situation and the decision moving forward.

The Executive may elect to have a player(s) partake in the evaluation camp to play with an older age group if the numbers require them to do so. It must be beneficial to player development and subject to parental consent. Executive members with a player on the team(s) in question must exclude themselves from any voting that may take place but this does not exclude these members from any of the discussions leading up to a vote. The remaining Executive board members will make the final decision.

If a problem exists at the Novice level and up where there are not enough players for one team, the Executive will work with a neighbouring association(s) to enter into an amalgamation agreement. Should an evaluation camp be required, the guidelines set out in these by-laws will be respected.

2. Refunds

– 50% of the registration fee will be refunded if an injury occurs by November 30th and is season ending.

– 50% of the registration fee will be refunded for a player dropping out of Minor Hockey from Novice age and up by November 30th.

– 75% of the registration fee will be refunded for a player dropping out of Minor Hockey at the Initiation level by November 30th.

3. Late Registration Fee

A late registration fee of $30.00 – $50.00 will be applied for registrations received after the scheduled registration date. A $30.00 late registration fee will apply to those registering after the registration dates but prior to October 1st. A $50.00 late registration fee will apply to those registering after October 1st. Late registration fees do not apply to first year players or players who may have moved or transferred to SAMHA area from another association.

Late registration fees may be waived by the Executive if a viable rationale is provided by the registrant.

4. Player Release

Players may be released to play for a regional team or high school team. With the exception of the above, no player shall be released providing SAMHA has a team, in the player’s age category. Exceptions may be made in certain situations by approval of the Executive.

5. Clinics

SAMHA will pay 100% to a maximum of $200.00 for Hockey Manitoba certified coaching clinics, and up to $200 (excluding insurance) for Level 3 (and higher) fees for referees recruited by SAMHA. Anything above $200.00 will be reviewed by the Executive on an individual basis.

SAMHA will pay 100% of the Safety Program Course offered and required by Hockey Manitoba to a maximum of 2 per team.

6. Mileage

Any person attending to SAMHA business will be entitled to a reimbursement of

40 cents per kilometre for one vehicle.

7. Limit on coaching same group of kids

All coaches will be allowed to stay with the same group of kids for a maximum of

(3) three consecutive years. If no other suitable coaches can be found, the Executive will decide if a coach may continue.

8. Provincial Tournaments

For all Provincial tournaments, all major aged players will attend the tournament. All minor aged players will be AP’d, if required, as decided by the coach. Hosting of Provincial tournaments by SAMHA will be coordinated by the Executive. Responsibilities will then be delegated to all SAMHA teams with profits remaining with SAMHA.

9. Tournament Profits/Losses

After all tournament expenses are paid, each team will retain all profits or absorb any losses.

10. Family Registration Fees

The first two family players will pay full registration fee, and any subsequent players registered and playing in St.Adolphe will pay . of the registration fee. This discount will be applied to the lowest registration fee.

11. Honorariums

Treasurer $150

Ice Convenor/Scheduler $150

Referee-in-Chief $150

Registrar $150

President $150

12. Evaluation Guidelines

1. The process of setting up an evaluation camp shall be done by two groups;

a) Executive board

b) Player Selection Committee

2. The Executive board shall be responsible for the following:

a) Putting a player selection committee together. Members of the Executive board shall not be eligible to be on the player selection committee

b) Organizing tryout ice – A minimum of 3 ice times for the evaluations is required

c) Ensuring that all eligible players are invited

3. The Player Selection Committee should be comprised of the following:

a) A minimum of three non parent representatives agreed upon by the Executive

b) A non parent head coach (if previously selected)

c) Any non parent member of the Executive board

4. All final decisions regarding player selection shall be that of the Player Selection Committee. If consensus cannot be reached, the Executive board member will have the final decision.

5. All players will be informed via email at the conclusion of the evaluation camp as to the results. If a player and/or parent wishes to discuss the results of their evaluation, a member of the Executive board will contact them.

6. Throughout the entire process it is imperative that a positive, encouraging & developmental attitude be taken with all players and parents.

NOTE: All rules, regulations and procedures of St.Adolphe Minor Hockey, Eastman Minor Hockey and Hockey Manitoba must be adhered to at all times throughout this process. [/tab]

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