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345 St. Adolphe Road

St. Adolphe, MB



The St. Adolphe Community Club is a volunteer-driven organization.

We rely on the continuing assistance of community members to administer recreational programs and maintain the facility.

Are you handy with a pipe-wrench or a paintbrush?
As you can imagine we often have minor maintenance, cleaning and upkeep that becomes neglected or that needs to be done and don’t have an hour to spare between the volunteer Board and the employees. We can keep our costs down and do a better job of maintaining our building if we had a few more hands available.
E-mail us at: president@mystadolphe.com if you can help.

Do you have an idea for a program that we can run out of the Club?
It can be almost anything – collectors or common interest groups, fitness or recreation programs, children’s and seniors activities – We’d like to hear from you.
E-mail us at  leisure@mystadolphe.com with your ideas.

We would also require Conveners for these programs.
As a Convener, you would have the support of the Community Club’s staff and Directors and would be expected to “run” a program. Your direct support comes from the Recreation Director and the Recreation standing committee. A reasonable expectation of time involved for the average program would be ten to twelve hours preparation and then the ongoing supervision of the program. Conveners are the spokes on our wheel – the Club cannot run programs without them! Please consider donating your time for an existing program so we can continue to offer it or bring in an idea for something new.
E-mail us at  leisure@mystadolphe.com if you would like to keep our kids active.

Have you got a few hours once in a while to help us put on the events and programs?
How about occasionally supervising at one of our childrens’ movie matinees or helping the Recreation Committee with a special event?
E-mail us at leisure@stadolphecc.com if you can chip in.

Is there something that you can teach?
We would like some guest speakers for an instructional series. How about a couple hours on nutrition or hooking up computer components or proper back care?? Who have we got out there?
E-mail Clint at president@mystadolphe.com if you want to try this out.

Are you interested in coaching?
Children’s hockey, baseball & soccer teams don’t coach themselves! Grandparents and parents are needed every season, every year. Some programs require certification others are more casual. Get in on the fun and satisfaction that coaching provides!
E-mail Clint at president@mystadolphe.com if you’re interested.

Would you like sit on the Board of Directors?
Every September we hold our Annual General Meeting at which any community member of the age of majority can stand for election – that’s the time to step up. In addition to monthly Regular Meetings, the Board members participate in the management of the programs and facility through four standing committees – Finance, Facility, Recreation and Communications. We can use help in all areas so bring your expertise to benefit the community.
E-mail president@mystadolphe.com if you have any questions.

If you just want to get your feet wet, how about joining a Committee?
You don’t have to make the commitment that being on the Board of Directors requires – you can help with a smaller, specific area. Every event, program or concept that passes through here needs planning and execution so please contact us if there’s something you’re interested in helping with.
E-mail president@mystadolphe.com if you would like to know what’s current.

Volunteering helps to keep the registration fees
affordable for the families in our community which in
turn keeps our kids active.

“I am of the opinion that my life belongs to the whole community and as long as I live, it is my privilege to do for it whatever I can. I want to be thoroughly used up when I die, for the harder I work the more I live.” ~George Bernard Shaw